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The popularity of EVE Online has been growing since it was launched. Many game fanatics are hooked with the exciting gameplay and addicting adventures that they get. The meta-game, economy and politics of the game are simply the best, not to mention the salient characteristics it possesses.

If you still have apprehension in trying this game, below are some of the reasons why you should forget these doubts and jump aboard the EVE online game.

  1. EVE Online is All in One World

EVE Online has only one single server.

Everything that you do can potentially affect other players. There are no role-playing servers nor PvP servers or PvP servers either.

Since there is only one server in the entire game, it’s easy to find someone who plays. You can find someone you know who plays and offer them a business plan. If you got insulted in online forums, you can look them up and probably teach them a lesson or two. All players are inter-connected in a single world.

  1. It Has a Promising Growth

Since it was released, EVE online has a healthy follower of player and mind you, its growth has been exponential in these past few years. Its growth has been continues, despite being an MMO dark horse due to its science fiction theme. Every year it has two expansions, with each of them promising new things and lots of cool upgrades.

For example, we were given the opportunity to set up factories on planets this year. Though the feature itself is not that promising due to its basic nature, the fact that players are presented with something new and interesting is a plus. And the growth will continue over time. If you have just started playing, you’ll find peace in the fact that a lot of things will be improved. There will be constant updates to fix the issues or upgrade the game. EVE online has a strong community presence and developers are always listening to the suggestions and ideas submitted by the fans.

  1. It’s Packed with Mystery

If you’re into weird and mysterious things, then you would surely love EVE online.

You will find lots of mysterious sites, weird Easter eggs and niches all throughout the game. There are some agents whom you can only find by using probes; these special agents give rare missions that not everyone will know about. There are also puzzles and complex riddles; solving them will give you reward. Other players won’t even have an idea of some strange sites out on the other side of wormholes.

EVE online is a mysterious world waiting for you to explore.

  1. Intelligence is Rewarded

Patience as well as intelligence is rewarded in this game. Players with great ingenuity are not left unrewarded. Innovations are highly encouraged everywhere – in feet composition, ship fittings and most especially, in business.

If you’re a big fan of invention and innovation, then EVE online is the right platform for you. Though it’s undeniable that the learning curve is not easy, players who are faithful in learning quickly will find themselves even better than those who have been playing for a quiet period of time.

Learning, innovation and being creative are simply encouraged in this game.

  1. It is Intensely Political

You will find a lot of competitions in this game; regardless of where you are, there are tons of corporations who are eyeing on the same resources. You will find thousands of corporations staking a claim and defending a null-security space in all corners. You’ll find lots of competitions when it comes to private wars and trading.

All these interactions will encourage interpersonal guesswork charisma and manipulation. There are lots of gigantic corporations who hire specially appointed diplomats to be the public face of their corporation. These people spend lots of time sounding out possibilities regarding ever-shifting alliances, developing ties with other organizations and negotiating truces. This intensely political aspect will truly excite those who are into politics.

  1. Your Real Life Skills Matter

It’s the type of game where you can apply your real-life skills into this second-world game. Playing this game will not only improve these skills, you will also be an important player in your corporation if you possess the much-needed skills. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

If you have an artistic flair, you’ll be in demand for those who want to make forum signatures. If you’re good at coding, you’d find lots of corporations who need projects done with CCP’s API. If you are smooth operator, you’d find lots of places where your expertise in gulling easy marks and stealing everything they own are much needed. You can command fleet if you’re good at dealing with pressure and have strong people skills.

No matter what your expertise is, you’d find an area in EVE online where it will be useful.

  1. It Plays For Keeps

You have to remember that losing a ship in EVE online means that it is gone forever, along with the goods that it’s transporting or using. You may have a sweet consolation prize through insurance, but it will never cover what you have lost. If you have lost some goods on a bad trading, you won’t be able to reverse the transaction or get reimbursed on what you have lost.

This playing for keeps idea would make you think all of your actions carefully and value all of your resources.

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  1. EVE Online is a Sandbox

The world of EVE online is simply a giant one where you can wander and explore. This massive universe will get you to places you’d never think you’d explore or missions you would never think you can complete. The developers solely give you a massive universe, and the entire game is up to you to play. There is no “certain” way of playing and there’s no defined end-game either. You can do whatever you want, and define your own goals. Your world is simply limitless.

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Can you make massive money through trading in EVE online?

The answer is a big yes.

If done correctly, trading is a lucrative profession where you can earn huge profit if done correctly. The ISK earning per hour is simply limitless, especially if you put all your efforts into it. And guess what, you can even continue earning profit even if you are away from the game. So set the trades up correctly, brew yourself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the sceneries while you’re account is earning ISK.

Introduction to Trading

What exactly is trading?

Trading can be simply define as placing buy and sell orders on the market. You place a buy order for a popular product, have the order filled and sell the product at a higher price.

What skills do you need to be good at trading?

Just like everything else in EVE online, you need to pack yourself with these skills to be a successful trader:

  • Accounting – Transaction tax is reduced by 10% per level
  • Broker Relations – Cost of setting up market orders is reduced by 5% / level
  • Contracting – the number of concurrent contracts is increased by 4 / level
  • Day trading – Makes remote modification of buy and sell orders possible
  • Margin Trading – percentage of ISK needed for buy order escrow is reduced by 25% / level
  • Marketing – Allows remote selling of products
  • Procurement – Allows placement of remote buy orders
  • Retail – Allowed active orders is increased by 8 / level
  • Trade – Allowed active orders is increased by 4 / level
  • Tycoon – Allowed active orders is increased by 32 / level
  • Visibility – Increases the range that buy orders can reach up to the whole region at level 5
  • Wholesale – Allowed active orders is increased by 16 / level

How is Trading Done?

Below are the steps on how you do trading and start earning profits.

  1. Make Money to Start Trading With

The first thing that you need before you can start trading things is some money. Obviously, you need money to purchase things that you can resell. To acquire money, you can either do some mining or look for NPC agents and complete missions for them. You don’t need a huge amount of money to start. What you need is just the right amount to purchase a healthy amount of goodies that you can start your trading career with.

  1. Choose What to Purchase

Now that you have acquired some money, you can start purchasing things that you can use for trading. Don’t just buy anything that you want. You have to remember that whatever item you choose to trade; you would have to initially set up a buy order for that item. Set the buy price to an amount higher than all of the other buy prices in that region to attract a good buy order.

You also have to consider the range when you set up your buy order. If you don’t put restriction on the range, you may end up going all the way across the region to pick up what you purchase. Long trips with an empty cargo hold are an effective way of throwing your money away.

Also consider the item that you are about to purchase. They should be worth selling for you to gain profit. Choose an item whose highest buy price is lower than the lowest sell price. Selling the item higher than what you originally paid for it is the idea on how to gain profit.

Restricting your trading to one region may not be a good idea. Going around different region may score you an even more favorable profit margin.

  1. Time is Gold

You always hear this popular adage everywhere.

Well, this holds true also in EVE online. Time is essential. Time is money.

Say you chose an item where you think you can make a lot of profit on but then you have to travel several hours to sell the product. The value of the product is significantly lowered by the transit time.

You should not just pay attention to the profit but also the time that you entirely spent on the product. If you want to get the ISK per minute that you made a trading for that product, you have to calculate how many minutes you take from researching the product and selling it, then divide your profits by that number.

You find your success in the trading industry if you know how to increase that number consistently.

  1. Know the Market by Heart

What does it take to know the market?

You know how much a product is worth selling for, the number of buy/sell orders placed, and whether what’s the trend when it comes to profitable purchases, and so on. It takes a lot of experience and a several hours spent in research to really get to know the market.

You will find many NPC corporations that are consistently buying and selling various trade goodies. It’s your task to find out who buys and sells what.

You should also regularly check the Price History tab in the market to know the number of orders placed each day. You will see the buy and sell history of a particular item. You can use this data to choose what item to trade for. You won’t be able to make much money on items that have no regular buy and sell orders while you will have a hard time making a profit on an item that has a  a large number of daily orders.

  1. Cargo Space

If you want to increase your profit per unit of time, it’s a wise idea to choose a cargo space that can hold a huge number of items. But you should not only take size into account when choosing your ship; you also need to consider its speed. You can still make a huge profit using a small ship over a huge industrial one if the smaller ship is faster and takes a shorter transit time.

In addition, don’t fly around with an empty cargo. If it’s already empty after you have sold your goods, buy something else to trade as soon as possible.

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ISK is the primary in-game currency in EVE online. It is used to purchase PLEX, equipment, Battleships, or even Skill Points themselves. You can pretty much buy anything with ISK hence learning how to earn ISK is one of the most exciting and important part of EVE Online.

Being new in Eve would make you wonder how to earn money so that you can buy more extravagant ships. There are many ways for you to earn ISK. This guide will show you different types of activities to earn this most precious currency.

  1. Mining

This is one of the most popular ways of earning ISK, though it could be one of the slowest ways. There are three subcategories in mining:

  • Ore Mining – the most basic form of Mining where you gather ore from Asteroid belts
  • Gas Mining – a more advanced form of mining that requires the Mining skill to be trained up to level IV. You are mining from interstellar gas clouds.
  • Ice Mining – the process of mining resources from ice belts. Ice belt mining is more profitable and afk-friendly.

If you want to earn a decent amount of ISK through mining, you need to learn how to jump into wormholes safely, though this type of mining is more risky and requires more experience.

  1. Missions

Missions are the same as questing in other popular MMORPGs. Agents are scattered around the EVE Online Universe; you need to find them and start completing missions for the chosen corporation. You can easily make an approximate 20 million ISK per hour in a high-security zone if you can accept missions from a level 4 Agent.

After you have selected an agent, stick to one specific corporation and complete missions for them. Work your way up to level 4 as fast as you can if you want to get an increase in rewards. Skip salvaging and other unrelated activities during lower level missions.

  1. Planetary Interactions

One of the most effective ways of getting a steady flow of ISK on your way is through planetary interactions. In this industry, you will be required to set up a colony on a planet and gather resources from it. Investing in a Command Center for the planet that you have chosen is a must for this type of ISK farming. Once you have set up your command centers, you must visit your colony once in a while to collect the goods.

  1. Trading

Trading is not only one of the most profitable ways of earning ISK in EVE online; it is also one of the most interesting.

If you want to make money out of trading, the secret recipe is simple: purchase underpriced item and sell it for more. You would need not just an initial investment in trading; you would also need a lot of experience and in-game knowledge.

One of the most basic ways of earning ISK in trading is station trading where you trade your items within one particular station. Target items in high demand and post buy orders for them. Once someone sells it to you, you have to post it for more. You have to sell the item at a reasonable timeframe and a higher price.

  1. Exploration

Exploration is one of the most basic attractions of EVE online. New players are interested in the idea of space exploration.

Players can start earning ISK through exploration from day 1. Though new players need to have luck on their side to make decent money through this method, but it’s a perfect arena for players to get to know the game even more and enjoy it.

Exploration is highly dependent on luck and has very high variability. The income varies from 10M ISK to around 70M ISK per hour if you can deal with Wormhole Space Pirate Relic, Null-sec and Data sites.

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  1. Ratting

EVE Universe is full of NPC pirate ships, also known as “rats”. If you like PvE Combat, then hunting rats is a perfect method of earning ISK for you. You can find rats in asteroid belts, cosmic anomalies, stations in null-sec space and near gateways. Rats can be found in 0.8 security level systems and below. You’re more likely to find rats in areas with lower security. If you kill the rats, you can also salvage and loot their wrecks.

  1. Combat Sites/Escalations

PvE combats usually take place in combat sites. You can find combat sites during explorations and can be divided into:

  • Combat anomalies – hidden site in space, guarded by a group of Rogue Drones, faction of pirates or even ancient Sleeper Drones. They can be found using a scan probe or a ship’s on-board scanner.
  • Combat sites – found as cosmic signatures and usually more challenging and rewarding.

When certain conditions are met, previously mentioned Expeditions are escalated from unrated complexes. There are usually four parts in expeditions and you are often led to another location after you’ve completed each part.

  1. Faction Warfare

In this exciting game mechanic, player signs up to fight for one of the factions of the empire and battle for the control of some low-security regions. You can earn a lot of ISK through Faction Warfare. You are rewarded when you complete a mission, capture an enemy complex or destroy enemy ships. You also earn Loyalty points for each of these activities and you can trade these points for blueprints, ships, modules, implants and more.

Faction warfare is one of the most profitable activities in EVE online.

  1. Incursions

This one of the most advanced methods of earning ISK is compared to Raiding in World of Warcraft and other similar MMORPGs.

You need to have a full team of experienced players with each member having been assigned special roles. In order to run incursions successfully, you need to have teamwork team composition and a lot of experience. Though it’s extremely challenging, there is no doubt that it can be very rewarding.

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Choosing what ship to use for exploration could give you a headache.

With so many selections to choose from, you might end up picking the one that is not compatible for you. Choosing the right ship for your budget, skills and experience is important. Some ships are more expensive than the others, but it’s not a guarantee that it will be the best one for you.

We have compiled some of your options as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

T1 Frigates: Imicus, Heron, Probe, Magnate

This is your only option if you are a beginner with less than 1.5 million skill points. A starter-level scanning ship does not necessarily mean being a bad choice. Aside from newbies, this ship is also perfect for older pilots who are just starting to explore.

It’s important that you take your long-term goals into consideration when selecting which ship to use. Picking up a Heron is the best choice if you want to fly a Buzzard or Manticore later on. Magnate or an Imicus is a great start if you’re planning to upgrade to Sisters of EVE ships soon.

The Pros

T1 frigates will only require you with under 3 days’ training because of their very low skill floor. You can scare off or evade potential killers or find hidden salvage with its expanded probe launchers. They’ve got cargo holds nearly the size of a cruiser which allows you to carry mobile depots or haul back extra loot. And most importantly, they are extremely cheap at less than half a million ISK each.

The Cons

On the other hand, T1 frigates have low skill caps and require longer training for high efficiency. They only have +37.5% maximum scan strength bonuses; this means that you would have to train your racial frigate skill to V. In addition, it’s difficult to infiltrate in well-guarded areas of lowsec/nulsec because they can’t fit covert ops cloaking devices. Their extreme fragility makes them incapable of running combat sites they scan down and easy targets for pirates.

T2 Frigates: Buzzard, Anathema, Helios, Cheetah

These ships are perfect for players who have previously flown stealth bombers or who have advanced their skills from flying their T1 counterparts.

The Pros

They have a maximum scan bonus of +50%, making them the highest efficiency ceiling in EVE Online. In addition, they also have solid bonuses to virus strength and probe flight. They are pretty much affordable at only 15 to 25 million ISK each. They can give the pilot easy access because of their ability to covert cynosural field modules and easily equip expanded probe launchers.

The Cons

Flying a T2 comes with training a lot of annoying skills, including electronics upgrades to V and Cloaking to IV and racial frigs. You should also have at least IV Covert Ops skill; this requires weeks of training for someone who does not have any covops/stealth bomber training.  They are not the perfect choice for drone/ninja salvaging, extended deployment or structure deployment because they only have half the cargo space of their T1 counterparts.

T3 (Strategic) Cruisers: Loki, Legion, Tengu, Proteus

When built with the right subsystems, these ships can be powerful exploration vessels. These ships are modular by design so they can be pretty much anything you want them to be.

The Pros

Having some of the most advanced tech in EVE, it does not come as a surprise that T3 cruisers have a lot of advantages. Their emergent locus analyzers give them the ability to tie covops ships in virus strength and scan power. Covert ops cloaking devices are enabled by covert reconfiguration subsystems, plus it comes with a 5-second cloak deactivation timer. On the propulsion side, you have the powerful ability to simply shrug off warp bubbles with the interdiction nullifier system or choose a gravitational capacitor for faster warping. If you’re still not impressed by these pros, don’t forget the fact that any of these capacities can be traded for improved salvage or combat.

The Cons

With so many pros mentioned above, it seems unwise not to choose a strategic cruiser for your exploration adventures. Well, let’s not forget that T3 ships have their cons too.

One of its biggest drawbacks is the huge skill requirements for maximal efficiency and minimal operation. If you’re planning to fly a T3 ship, you would need 8 to 10 weeks of training. Training does not stop once you are already in the cockpit. If you want to gain bonuses equal to or greater than those available to T1, T2, or SOE hulls, you would need to train your subsystem skills to IV or V. And mind you, that training will require a lot of your time and sometimes at the expense of other vital exploration skills.

Strategic cruisers are also not easy in the ISK department. You need 100+ million for hull alone and all the subsystems would require several tens of millions. And try your very best not to die in a T3 cruiser. Not only you will lose your ship but your skill points will be gone too.

Sisters of EVE faction ships: Stratios, Astero

Three Sisters of EVE “pirate” ships were added for long-range exploration – the Stratios Cruiser, the Astero frigate and the Nestor battleship.

The Pros

The Stratios and the Astero have a strong baseline efficacy and require extremely low skills. You’ll get the full +37.5% bonus to scanning when you pilot either one of them. They also have massive bandwidth and drone capacity which makes them powerful for class-appropriate PvP or PvE.

The Cons

Both of them are very expensive. The Stratios will run you 275-300 million ISK while the Astero 70-90 million ISK. You don’t only need a good bankroll but also a higher confidence in your wits if you want some justification why you choose these ships to fly in dangerous space. Though they require relatively low skill level, training is split between Amarr and Gallente which double your time of mastery.

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EVE online is a unique MMO game. It’s a game that stands out amongst its competitors, not just because of its unique mechanics but also because it’s unconventional in so many ways. This guide will show you everything you need to know on how to get started with EVE.

Introduction to EVE Online

Just like in any other games, you would need to know the gameplay and basic rules of the EVE first. It is important that you educate yourself first of the basic core aspects of the game before jumping in. You can click here to get familiar with what this game is all about.

Creating an Account

The very first step that you need to do in playing EVE is creating an account. You can have up to three characters per account.

If you got an invitation to play, use the referral link when you create your account. Doing so will give you some free skill points and the person that referred the game gets a free game time.

Creating a Character

  • Race

The first decision that you have to make in creating your character is choosing what race it would be. The game has four major factions: Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar and Gallante. The main purpose of race is actually more on the aesthetic aspect, since you can potentially learn every skill in every character.

  • Bloodline

This refers to the familial ancestry of the character. Every race has three different bloodlines. Just like with race, your bloodline choice is purely aesthetic.

  • School

The School you choose will only determine which Starter Corporation you will be part of and which starter solar system you begin in.

  • Portrait and Name

The next step is designing the appearance of your character and taking a portrait. Your appearance generally depends on which bloodline and race you chose, though there are more flexibility with the tools. At any point of the game, you can modify the clothing of your character or re-take your portraits but remember that you can only change the physical appearance of your character if you pay for “Character Remodeling”.

The name that you create for your character is a big part of your identity and can impact on your corpmates perception of you. You have to carefully pick the name for your character as you are not allowed to change it afterwards. Choose a name that is simple and can be pronounced easily.

Starting the Game

  • Tutorial

If you’re a first-timer in EVE online, it’s a must that you go through the tutorial. This will give you the step-by-step instructions on how the game is played and what particular mechanics that you need to follow.

  • Career Agents

After you have gone through the tutorial, visit the career agents and complete the missions that they offer. You can do as many missions as you want, in fact, doing so is highly encouraged. It expands the initial knowledge that you have acquired in the tutorial and makes you understand the game mechanics even better. Plus, new players are often offered some mouth-watering rewards.

The game has five career agents, each of them offers between 5 and 10 missions in a certain area: Industry, Business, Exploration, Military and Advanced Military.

Learning Skills

Unlike in many other MMOs, your character in EVE advances through training skills. It is important that you have an active skill in training as it is trained real time, even when you are logged off. There are five levels in each skills, with training time exponentially increases. Training your skills beyond level IV in your first early days is generally useless.

Instead, spend time on focusing on the skills that either unlocks new modules or ships you want to try or improve whatever you’re doing at the moment. Find a particular area in EVE that you enjoy the most and focus training on that area. There’s no such thing as training the wrong skill as characters learn every skill in the game and that skills are cumulative.

You start the game with a number of skills already trained. Then, you need to acquire the appropriate skillbook if you want to train additional skills. Your career agents may give you a few skillbooks as rewards, but you must purchase some on the market. You don’t have to worry though as most of the basic skillbooks are reasonably affordable.

Fitting Your Ship

There are variety of modules that you can use in fitting your ships which enhances their statistics or grants additional abilities. It is important that you learn which module works well on which ship.

Joining a Corporation

Just like how other games have clans or guilds, EVE has corporations which serve as the organizations of players.

While you can play Eve by yourself, one of its main attractions is that it’s a social game. The sense of community that the corporation provides is what entices new players and makes long-time players stay. Additionally, you can get many services from your corporation, such as missioning support, free ships and modules, a sense of banding together with other to achieve common goals, advice and of course, fun fleet operations.

Getting Help

Though a complex game, there are tons of support and help that you can get online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you feel lost or uncertain. The Eve player community is one of the most helpful and friendliest communities, especially towards new players.

  • Chat Channels

This is the easiest way to get direct help. There are game masters and experienced players that can answer the questions that you ask. These three channels are dedicated to help new players: Rookie Help, English Help and EVE University. They can be found in tabs at (by default) the bottom-left of your screen.

While you are automatically joined in the “Rookie Help” channel when you first started the game, you can join in the “English help” or “EVE University” chat channels.

  • Videos

There are things that text can’t explain so you can opt to look for videos instead. There are a lot of video tutorials that you can find online.

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