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EVE online is a unique MMO game. It’s a game that stands out amongst its competitors, not just because of its unique mechanics but also because it’s unconventional in so many ways. This guide will show you everything you need to know on how to get started with EVE.

Introduction to EVE Online

Just like in any other games, you would need to know the gameplay and basic rules of the EVE first. It is important that you educate yourself first of the basic core aspects of the game before jumping in. You can click here to get familiar with what this game is all about.

Creating an Account

The very first step that you need to do in playing EVE is creating an account. You can have up to three characters per account.

If you got an invitation to play, use the referral link when you create your account. Doing so will give you some free skill points and the person that referred the game gets a free game time.

Creating a Character

  • Race

The first decision that you have to make in creating your character is choosing what race it would be. The game has four major factions: Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar and Gallante. The main purpose of race is actually more on the aesthetic aspect, since you can potentially learn every skill in every character.

  • Bloodline

This refers to the familial ancestry of the character. Every race has three different bloodlines. Just like with race, your bloodline choice is purely aesthetic.

  • School

The School you choose will only determine which Starter Corporation you will be part of and which starter solar system you begin in.

  • Portrait and Name

The next step is designing the appearance of your character and taking a portrait. Your appearance generally depends on which bloodline and race you chose, though there are more flexibility with the tools. At any point of the game, you can modify the clothing of your character or re-take your portraits but remember that you can only change the physical appearance of your character if you pay for “Character Remodeling”.

The name that you create for your character is a big part of your identity and can impact on your corpmates perception of you. You have to carefully pick the name for your character as you are not allowed to change it afterwards. Choose a name that is simple and can be pronounced easily.

Starting the Game

  • Tutorial

If you’re a first-timer in EVE online, it’s a must that you go through the tutorial. This will give you the step-by-step instructions on how the game is played and what particular mechanics that you need to follow.

  • Career Agents

After you have gone through the tutorial, visit the career agents and complete the missions that they offer. You can do as many missions as you want, in fact, doing so is highly encouraged. It expands the initial knowledge that you have acquired in the tutorial and makes you understand the game mechanics even better. Plus, new players are often offered some mouth-watering rewards.

The game has five career agents, each of them offers between 5 and 10 missions in a certain area: Industry, Business, Exploration, Military and Advanced Military.

Learning Skills

Unlike in many other MMOs, your character in EVE advances through training skills. It is important that you have an active skill in training as it is trained real time, even when you are logged off. There are five levels in each skills, with training time exponentially increases. Training your skills beyond level IV in your first early days is generally useless.

Instead, spend time on focusing on the skills that either unlocks new modules or ships you want to try or improve whatever you’re doing at the moment. Find a particular area in EVE that you enjoy the most and focus training on that area. There’s no such thing as training the wrong skill as characters learn every skill in the game and that skills are cumulative.

You start the game with a number of skills already trained. Then, you need to acquire the appropriate skillbook if you want to train additional skills. Your career agents may give you a few skillbooks as rewards, but you must purchase some on the market. You don’t have to worry though as most of the basic skillbooks are reasonably affordable.

Fitting Your Ship

There are variety of modules that you can use in fitting your ships which enhances their statistics or grants additional abilities. It is important that you learn which module works well on which ship.

Joining a Corporation

Just like how other games have clans or guilds, EVE has corporations which serve as the organizations of players.

While you can play Eve by yourself, one of its main attractions is that it’s a social game. The sense of community that the corporation provides is what entices new players and makes long-time players stay. Additionally, you can get many services from your corporation, such as missioning support, free ships and modules, a sense of banding together with other to achieve common goals, advice and of course, fun fleet operations.

Getting Help

Though a complex game, there are tons of support and help that you can get online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you feel lost or uncertain. The Eve player community is one of the most helpful and friendliest communities, especially towards new players.

  • Chat Channels

This is the easiest way to get direct help. There are game masters and experienced players that can answer the questions that you ask. These three channels are dedicated to help new players: Rookie Help, English Help and EVE University. They can be found in tabs at (by default) the bottom-left of your screen.

While you are automatically joined in the “Rookie Help” channel when you first started the game, you can join in the “English help” or “EVE University” chat channels.

  • Videos

There are things that text can’t explain so you can opt to look for videos instead. There are a lot of video tutorials that you can find online.

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Stories of betrayal and tales of galaxy-spanning and conflicts are what make EVE online an interesting game. It’s no wonder many newbies spend most of their waking hours playing this addicting game. Some have even sacrificed eating and sleeping.

The demand of the game is big though that sometimes getting burned out happens to the best of us. Overnight, you turned from wide-eyed newbie to burnt-out bittervet.

The interesting gameplay and storyline makes EVE online seem like a real second world. If you let the demand of the game control you, you will find yourself tossed away by waves until you are at the bottom of the ocean. If you join a corporation, you would think that it’s expected of you to answer every time a ping went out. This and the other pressures of the game could make you quit after just spending a month and a half playing.

So how do you keep up with the momentum and avoid being burned out?

You should remember these things if you don’t want burn out to happen to you.

  1. EVE is Not a Progression-Centered Game

In Progression-centered MMOs, there is a need to keep playing as there are new goals to achieve if you want to stay relevant. If you don’t want to be lagged behind, you need to keep grinding to maintain being in the forefront.

Let’s take World of Warcraft as an example. Blizzard Entertainment designed this game along the principle that players need to continue playing to achieve new accomplishments or unlock new skills. Every expansion comes with bite-sized content that you need to regurgitate and digest until you have caught up with everyone around you.

It’s a different story with EVE online. Sure, you can still keep playing to make your skill stronger. More and more skills have been added by CCP so that those who started training when EVE was launched are still going strong. But there is no need to stay relevant by being on the 1% top. The purpose of skills is for you to have more variety.

Pareto’s principle is where most of the skills in EVE are based.  It follows the 80/20 rule where 20% of the effort gives you 80% of the reward, while the remaining 20% take 80% of the time. It’s okay if you want to perfect this game, but perfection is really not compulsory.

If you want to avoid being burned out and leaving EVE prematurely, here is your first tip: You have to change your perspective. This holds true especially if you came from a different game. You don’t have to fear that you lose or miss out much if you spend too much away playing. It is perfectly acceptable to spend some time away from your keyboard. EVE may be important to you but there are other relevant things that need your time and attention too.

There is no need for you to be trapped in the rat race too. One reason why people burn out in whatever they do is the demand to be perfect and to be on top. So despite being tired, they still continue what they are doing until they can’t take it anymore and just throw the towels. You don’t have to feel this way in EVE online.

For example, you want to fly a titan which costs 100 billion ISK. Say you are making 70 million ISK per hour; hence you need 1429 hours to afford a titan. There is no doubt EVE is a fun game, but spending 1429 hours just to achieve a single goal is crazy.

Don’t kill the fun by overworking yourself. There are plenty of ways for you to find success in this game so don’t be pressured to spend too much time on it if you really can’t afford to.

  1. Know your Weakness

Each of us has different pet peeves or things that irk us the most.

In my case, I am really not a fan of appointments. I don’t like the fact that I have to be in a certain place meeting certain people at a certain time. This is also true in online games.

I once joined  corp filled of dedicated players. Though they were pretty much interesting group of people, their dedication to the game was incomparable. We had to follow a very strict schedule – play at a particular time for a number of hours, group meetings, daily huddle, etc. Until it felt like more of an obligation for me and I despised every second I spend on the game. I was not as excited as I was about EVE anymore.

The point is, choose your kryptonite. You don’t have to fight every battle. If you hate appointments, then don’t do it. Play in your own terms and time. If you’re just playing out of habit or a routine, it strips out all the fun factors anymore.

Find out what turns you off of EVE. Do the best that you can to mitigate or eliminate these factors. Once you do this, you’d enjoy every minute that you spend on this game.

  1. Make it Your Own

EVE online gives you infinite choices, not just on the methods on how you play the game but also on corporations that you can join in.

The choices for you are endless. You can be a huge important member of a corporation without joining a fleet. You can make a career out of it and earn money. Or you can just passively play whenever you want. You don’t have to run a reaction farm or do planetary interaction if you don’t want regular commitments.

There are so much that you can do in terms of the metagame and the actual game itself without compromising the way you play games. You can do pretty much whatever you want and still be successful. This factor of the game makes to come back often and/or stick with it.

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There could be thousands of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games out there. In fact, you may have played a game or two in any point in your life. But let me tell you this, EVE online is no ordinary MMO. If you’re planning to jump aboard the world of EVE online, it’s best that you drop all your previous knowledge about other MMO games and start with a clean plate.

EVE online game is a player-driven game and the PvE side of the game is probably best thought of as a means of background (some NPC-driven) content to support the player-driven content. It is also a game of player conflict, which ranges from “unfair” PvP, most obvious PvP, and suicide-ganking,market “conflict”, competition for resources, “stealing” or ninja-ganking of various exploration and combat sites, in-game scamming, and using game mechanisms.

If you want to survive in this unique game, you would need to arm yourself with plenty of knowledge and skills. Below are some of the things that you should take note if you want your survival as a new player.

  1. Ships Are Simply Items You Will Lose

If you’ve been playing MMO, then you know that ships are sets of armor or similar “build” items.

It’s a different story in EVE online. Here, ships are simply items that you will eventually lose. Think of it as ammunition, you need to expend it if you want to accomplish your mission. This is why the first rule of EVE online is: never undock in anything you can’t afford to lose.

  1. Patience is a Virtue

You won’t be able to survive in this game if you don’t have patience.

Most new players are guilty of believing that bigger ships are better, so they rush into the first larger class of ship that they come across. You must remember that each class of ship has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Getting into other classes of ships is not just about being able to “sit” in that ship. Sure, it feels good to be on a larger class of ship, but the real question is: Do you have the appropriate skills to man the ship? You must have the appropriate skills needed such as tanking (defensive) skills, the support skills for those weapons along with the more generic skills used by most or all ships. You need time to practice your skills so there is really no room for rushing. Unless of course you purchase Skill Point Injectors off of Regional Markets. Not only are they expensive but the returns are diminished as your total skill point increases.

If you don’t have patience, you’re more likely to lose that glorious new ship simply because you lack the skill and game experience needed to effectively use the ship.

  1. Co-operation is the Key

No man is an island. This holds especially true in EVE online.

There is nothing wrong if you want to play this game solo. You can still have a great time if you won’t rely much on other players. But you must know that wanting to “solo” everything will also limit yourself from other possible content of the game.

There is strength in number and you would find that player co-operation is very important. For starters, some of the game content is only available in multi-player. What sets EVE online from other MMO games is its strong social and inter-player co-operation aspect.

By taking advantage of many groups and player corporation, you will learn everything you need to learn about this game and meet a bunch of people that share the same passion and interest. You can watch as many tutorials or read as many helpful articles as you can, but nothing beats the first-hand knowledge and tips of experienced players.

Always look to join with other pilots to do explorations, missions, mining, site running, marketing, further industrial activities, worm hole “day tripping”, just to name a few. Doing so will make your learning experience so much better plus, you’ll get way ahead compared to other newbies. You can complete your missions and other sites much quicker if you fleet up with others. Not only you have the support needed during dangerous times, but you gain rewards quicker too.

Doing things by yourself can be rewarding, but you will achieve more if you team up with other players. Who knows, you might also build strong friendship that will last forever.

  1. Be Careful of Who You Listen To

If you post a question in an online forum about “What are the signs of cardiac arrest?” and you get an answer from someone who watches too much Grey’s Anatomy, does that mean that you get a valid answer?

You may receive many tips and advices from other people, but you must know how to validate that answer and apply it to you. For example, new players would often ask questions about mining in help channels. Different opinions and answers will be given such as “mining is too complicated” or “mining is terrible”. Having someone feel that kind of experience does not mean that you would also experience the same thing.

Online communities are a great source of tips and support, but you must be careful who you listen to. Check as many references as you can to validate the answer. What works or does not work for some players don’t necessarily mean the same thing for you.

  1. Play It As You Want

If you’re looking for specific steps on how to play the game, unfortunately, you would hardly find the answer. There is really no right or wrong way of playing EVE online. It is your game, so own it and play it how you want to.

That is why letting go of all your previous MMO knowledge is important. Here, you get to chart your own way and set your own course. Remember that there is a plethora of resources out there, so use it for your advantage.

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EVE Online is not an easy game to play.  A lot of mistakes can be made, especially if you are just starting with this game. Just because you are a newbie does not give you the excuse to make these common mistakes though. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes beginners are guilty of doing. Take note of these mistakes and you will have a much easier learning curve.

  1. Skipping the Tutorial

A lot of people are guilty of doing this. When we are starting a new game, we blindly skip the tutorial and go into the game proper without knowing what to do. We end up feeling frustrated and eventually give up the game.

It’s quite understandable that your excitement will make you skip the tutorial and go straight into the game, but you will do much better if you go through the tutorials. CCP has spent a lot of time trying to perfect their tutorial process to make things easier for new players like you. Tutorial teaches you the essential skills that you need and the overall concept of the game. It will also help a lot if you take down notes. You can go back to these notes when you come across something that you don’t know later on.

Make your learning stage way lot easier by going through the tutorials.

  1. Not Researching About the Game

Just like skipping the tutorial, going in to the game without researching as much as you can is like going to a dark forest without knowing what creatures live there. You are unprepared and unarmed, and you can be eaten alive by a lion.

We live in a time where we can get the information at the tip of our hands. With just a simple Google search, you’d be flooded with hundreds of articles that contain information and tip about EVE online.

Use these resources to your advantage. Before you head to the dark forest, arm yourself with all the skills and weapons that you need to be able to come out at the other end alive and triumphant.

  1. Not Socializing ASAP

One of the reasons why you’re playing MMO is that there are lots of people who are playing it too. This is not only a game; it’s also a form of socialization. You would do a lot better if you make friends with some of them as soon as you can. Don’t just get to know people and nod at them when you see them walking in the street. You would want to develop friendships where you hang out during your free time in a coffee shop and talk all your conquests and failures about EVE. Making friends with players of the same level will make you feel that you are not alone in this learning process.

Joining a corporation is one of the best ways of making friends. The best corporations for newbies are the ones with a proven track record of training new players to be better at EVE Online. Consider a corporation like them and make friends with some of the members that you feel you are connected to.

  1. Not Trying Everything

Whenever I go to my favorite restaurant, I keep ordering the same food. I don’t like trying out new menus because I don’t want to end up feeling disappointed.

A lot of players are also sticking to one aspect of the game, just like how I stick to one menu in the restaurant. I must tell you that this is not a good idea. You have no clue as to what you will be missing out.

EVE Online is a big game, and you will find lots of things that are interesting. Don’t box yourself, instead find all the time that you can to wander and explore. You should try trading, exploring, mining, inventing and even PvP too. The more you try new things, the more expert you will become.

  1. Not Sticking To a Skill Plan

Some areas of EVE require a lot of skill points: inventing tech two ships, flying capital ships, and so on. But most of EVE Online isn’t like that, at all. If you pick a skill, like manufacturing tech two missiles or flying stealth bombers, in a couple of months you’d doing that thing about as well as anybody. Choose a skill that you need, create a plan on how to master it, and stick to that plan.

  1. Flying What You Can’t Afford To Lose

Take note of this as this is very important: Never pack all of your net worth into a single ship. Consider something that you undock already forfeited. It’s really not a matter of if you are going to lose that ship; it’s a matter of when. Don’t let a fifth of your value into the ship if there is a high risk that you will lose it. You need to have lots of insurance and reinforcement in times of disaster.

This holds true in PvP. You need to be able to fly three or four of a ship, at any given time, or you put yourself at risk of being wiped out. Don’t risk something that you can’t even afford of losing.

  1. Not Valuing Your Time

You should value every second that you are playing EVE online.

Instead of wasting your time on spending it on activities that make less ISK, make your time useful by spending it on other opportunities for ISK making. Don’t waste your time on lesser ISK-generating activities especially if it demands a lot of your personal work.  Would you rather dine in KFC when you have a five star restaurant to go to?

  1. Not Trusting Your Ability

Most of new players don’t really have confidence on their skills and abilities. At the back of their mind, there is always this perception that they can’t do it. This fear and apprehension stop them from fully discovering their potential.

Before you can master any skill, you should master trusting your ability first. Associate yourself to the right corporation, follow the advice of others and learn as much as you can. In no time, you’d see yourself as better as the well-experienced players.

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One of the most awaited events by Eve Online enthusiasts is the Alliance Tournament. On its 16th leg, the official list of team brackets was determined based on the new teams (no recorded seeding from Alliance Tournament XV) and the Alliance Tournament XV results.

The list of team brackets is now available for public viewing. As the tournament progresses, the list will be updated based on the winners and losers of the scheduled tournament. You can check out the link in the forums section of the official Eve Online website.

For 2018, the tournament will be hosted on the challonge.com website. The live tournament is exclusively presented on the CCP Twitch channel in partnership with EVE_NT and Plus10 Gaming. It will be broadcasted from the EVE_NT studios located at Nottingham, England.

The tournament is divided into 4 weekend schedules with the following dates:

Weekend 1 – July 28-29, 2018 at 14:00 UTC

Weekend 2 – August 4-5, 2018 at 14:00 UTC

Weekend 3 – August 11-12, 2018 at 13:00 UTC

Tournament Finals – August 18, 2018 at 15:00 UTC

The full schedule shows that each tournament match will last for 20 minutes with a 40-minute break after the first 8 matches. For full schedule listing, you can check the link in the forums section of the official Eve Online website that is available for public viewing.

Do you love predicting game matches? If yes, you can also create an account to predict the outcome of the tournament match.

This year’s tournament rules including tips from some tournament veterans with regards to their experience and how to succeed in the tournament were discussed during a live show streamed via the CCP Twitch channel last July 8 by EVE_NT in partnership with Streamfleet.

If you missed the live stream broadcast, don’t worry! You can always check on the video recording at the CCP Twitch channel.