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One of the most awaited events by Eve Online enthusiasts is the Alliance Tournament. On its 16th leg, the official list of team brackets was determined based on the new teams (no recorded seeding from Alliance Tournament XV) and the Alliance Tournament XV results.

The list of team brackets is now available for public viewing. As the tournament progresses, the list will be updated based on the winners and losers of the scheduled tournament. You can check out the link in the forums section of the official Eve Online website.

For 2018, the tournament will be hosted on the challonge.com website. The live tournament is exclusively presented on the CCP Twitch channel in partnership with EVE_NT and Plus10 Gaming. It will be broadcasted from the EVE_NT studios located at Nottingham, England.

The tournament is divided into 4 weekend schedules with the following dates:

Weekend 1 – July 28-29, 2018 at 14:00 UTC

Weekend 2 – August 4-5, 2018 at 14:00 UTC

Weekend 3 – August 11-12, 2018 at 13:00 UTC

Tournament Finals – August 18, 2018 at 15:00 UTC

The full schedule shows that each tournament match will last for 20 minutes with a 40-minute break after the first 8 matches. For full schedule listing, you can check the link in the forums section of the official Eve Online website that is available for public viewing.

Do you love predicting game matches? If yes, you can also create an account to predict the outcome of the tournament match.

This year’s tournament rules including tips from some tournament veterans with regards to their experience and how to succeed in the tournament were discussed during a live show streamed via the CCP Twitch channel last July 8 by EVE_NT in partnership with Streamfleet.

If you missed the live stream broadcast, don’t worry! You can always check on the video recording at the CCP Twitch channel.

One of the most awaited events by seasoned EVE Online players is the Alliance Tournaments, which is held every year, except in 2006 when Alliance Tournaments II and III were held.

The set rules of the tournament are slightly changed every year to try and correct issues that occurred during the previous tournament and to keep everything fresh and entertaining.

EVE Online players who wish to participate in the Alliance Tournament are aware that participation can be quite costly since it is held in a server that is normally not accessible to them. They spend months trying to build up their ships and save on their ISKs.

Although losses do happen (and in EVE Online’s virtual world this translates to a hefty loss of ships and ISKs), the players still take their chance to see if they would be the lucky winner since the prizes are worth the expense.

The Prizes Are:

Interstellar Kredit or ISK – As the principal currency of EVE Online, ISKs are very valuable. Under normal gameplay conditions, ISKs can be obtained by piracy, mining, industry, or buying Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) from the in-game market then sell it for ISKs.

PLEX – Is the second most accepted EVE Online currency. It is commonly bought and traded in the market since it cannot be obtained directly via normal gameplay conditions. It can be used to shop in the New Eden store and can be sold to another player for ISKs. A player can also buy 30 days of Omega Clone State with 500 PLEX while 30 days of training time for Multiple Character can be bought with 450 PLEX.

Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating or SKIN – Available in a variety of colors. SKIN is used to enhance the aesthetic look of a ship.

Blueprint Copy of the Tournament Ship – The prize ships are generally cruiser and frigate classes that are very strong. The blueprint copy allows the winning team to create up to 50 copies of the tournament prize ship. Valued for their rarity, these ships are almost never used except during another tournament.

With these prizes up for grabs, isn’t it a wonder that teams can’t wait to sign up for the next Alliance Tournament?

Since its launch in 6 May 2003 by CCP games, EVE Online has come a long way. From a simple sandbox MMORPG, EVE Online is now a complex sandbox that offers a wide variety of activities and roles to cater to different players.

With a PEGI rating of 12, the game shows a slightly more graphic nature of violence towards fantasy characters and a non-realistic violence towards human-like characters.

Originally released as a paid MMORPG, EVE Online offered the free game option on 11 November 2016. Players now have an option to play for free (Alpha Clone State) with limited game features or upgrade to a paid version (Omega Clone State) for unlimited game features.

The Omega Clone State subscription is offered at different rates: one month at $14.95/month; 3 months at $12.95/month; 6 months at $11.95/month; and 12 months at $10.95/month. Players get downgraded to Alpha Clone State the paid subscription is discontinued. They keep all the items, money, and ships earned, but other Omega Clone State game features remain locked unless the subscription is renewed.

The year 2005 marked the first EVE Online tournament. The first tournament was called the “Caldari Championships” while the use of the name “Alliance Tournament” didn’t begin until the second tournament. Even with the name change, the second tournament was sometimes referred to as the “Caldari PvP Tournament”.

Tournament prizes include InterStellar Kredits or ISK (EVE Online’s principal currency), Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings or SKINs (applied to change ship colors), and Pilot’s License Extension or PLEX (has a variety of uses and can be sold to another player for ISK).

In 2016, the developers released a mobile app, which is the official companion for EVE Online, called EVE Portal. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and could be downloaded from either iTunes or Google Play.

EVE Portal aims to give players the full EVE Online experience by allowing them to: view simple character information; send and receive emails from EVE Online; track skill training; and use the game calendar. Push notifications keep the players updated with in-game developments.