3 Effective Tips on How to Avoid Burn Out in Eve Online

Stories of betrayal and tales of galaxy-spanning and conflicts are what make EVE online an interesting game. It’s no wonder many newbies spend most of their waking hours playing this addicting game. Some have even sacrificed eating and sleeping.

The demand of the game is big though that sometimes getting burned out happens to the best of us. Overnight, you turned from wide-eyed newbie to burnt-out bittervet.

The interesting gameplay and storyline makes EVE online seem like a real second world. If you let the demand of the game control you, you will find yourself tossed away by waves until you are at the bottom of the ocean. If you join a corporation, you would think that it’s expected of you to answer every time a ping went out. This and the other pressures of the game could make you quit after just spending a month and a half playing.

So how do you keep up with the momentum and avoid being burned out?

You should remember these things if you don’t want burn out to happen to you.

  1. EVE is Not a Progression-Centered Game

In Progression-centered MMOs, there is a need to keep playing as there are new goals to achieve if you want to stay relevant. If you don’t want to be lagged behind, you need to keep grinding to maintain being in the forefront.

Let’s take World of Warcraft as an example. Blizzard Entertainment designed this game along the principle that players need to continue playing to achieve new accomplishments or unlock new skills. Every expansion comes with bite-sized content that you need to regurgitate and digest until you have caught up with everyone around you.

It’s a different story with EVE online. Sure, you can still keep playing to make your skill stronger. More and more skills have been added by CCP so that those who started training when EVE was launched are still going strong. But there is no need to stay relevant by being on the 1% top. The purpose of skills is for you to have more variety.

Pareto’s principle is where most of the skills in EVE are based.  It follows the 80/20 rule where 20% of the effort gives you 80% of the reward, while the remaining 20% take 80% of the time. It’s okay if you want to perfect this game, but perfection is really not compulsory.

If you want to avoid being burned out and leaving EVE prematurely, here is your first tip: You have to change your perspective. This holds true especially if you came from a different game. You don’t have to fear that you lose or miss out much if you spend too much away playing. It is perfectly acceptable to spend some time away from your keyboard. EVE may be important to you but there are other relevant things that need your time and attention too.

There is no need for you to be trapped in the rat race too. One reason why people burn out in whatever they do is the demand to be perfect and to be on top. So despite being tired, they still continue what they are doing until they can’t take it anymore and just throw the towels. You don’t have to feel this way in EVE online.

For example, you want to fly a titan which costs 100 billion ISK. Say you are making 70 million ISK per hour; hence you need 1429 hours to afford a titan. There is no doubt EVE is a fun game, but spending 1429 hours just to achieve a single goal is crazy.

Don’t kill the fun by overworking yourself. There are plenty of ways for you to find success in this game so don’t be pressured to spend too much time on it if you really can’t afford to.

  1. Know your Weakness

Each of us has different pet peeves or things that irk us the most.

In my case, I am really not a fan of appointments. I don’t like the fact that I have to be in a certain place meeting certain people at a certain time. This is also true in online games.

I once joined  corp filled of dedicated players. Though they were pretty much interesting group of people, their dedication to the game was incomparable. We had to follow a very strict schedule – play at a particular time for a number of hours, group meetings, daily huddle, etc. Until it felt like more of an obligation for me and I despised every second I spend on the game. I was not as excited as I was about EVE anymore.

The point is, choose your kryptonite. You don’t have to fight every battle. If you hate appointments, then don’t do it. Play in your own terms and time. If you’re just playing out of habit or a routine, it strips out all the fun factors anymore.

Find out what turns you off of EVE. Do the best that you can to mitigate or eliminate these factors. Once you do this, you’d enjoy every minute that you spend on this game.

  1. Make it Your Own

EVE online gives you infinite choices, not just on the methods on how you play the game but also on corporations that you can join in.

The choices for you are endless. You can be a huge important member of a corporation without joining a fleet. You can make a career out of it and earn money. Or you can just passively play whenever you want. You don’t have to run a reaction farm or do planetary interaction if you don’t want regular commitments.

There are so much that you can do in terms of the metagame and the actual game itself without compromising the way you play games. You can do pretty much whatever you want and still be successful. This factor of the game makes to come back often and/or stick with it.

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