8 Common Eve Online Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making

EVE Online is not an easy game to play.  A lot of mistakes can be made, especially if you are just starting with this game. Just because you are a newbie does not give you the excuse to make these common mistakes though. We have compiled a list of the most common mistakes beginners are guilty of doing. Take note of these mistakes and you will have a much easier learning curve.

  1. Skipping the Tutorial

A lot of people are guilty of doing this. When we are starting a new game, we blindly skip the tutorial and go into the game proper without knowing what to do. We end up feeling frustrated and eventually give up the game.

It’s quite understandable that your excitement will make you skip the tutorial and go straight into the game, but you will do much better if you go through the tutorials. CCP has spent a lot of time trying to perfect their tutorial process to make things easier for new players like you. Tutorial teaches you the essential skills that you need and the overall concept of the game. It will also help a lot if you take down notes. You can go back to these notes when you come across something that you don’t know later on.

Make your learning stage way lot easier by going through the tutorials.

  1. Not Researching About the Game

Just like skipping the tutorial, going in to the game without researching as much as you can is like going to a dark forest without knowing what creatures live there. You are unprepared and unarmed, and you can be eaten alive by a lion.

We live in a time where we can get the information at the tip of our hands. With just a simple Google search, you’d be flooded with hundreds of articles that contain information and tip about EVE online.

Use these resources to your advantage. Before you head to the dark forest, arm yourself with all the skills and weapons that you need to be able to come out at the other end alive and triumphant.

  1. Not Socializing ASAP

One of the reasons why you’re playing MMO is that there are lots of people who are playing it too. This is not only a game; it’s also a form of socialization. You would do a lot better if you make friends with some of them as soon as you can. Don’t just get to know people and nod at them when you see them walking in the street. You would want to develop friendships where you hang out during your free time in a coffee shop and talk all your conquests and failures about EVE. Making friends with players of the same level will make you feel that you are not alone in this learning process.

Joining a corporation is one of the best ways of making friends. The best corporations for newbies are the ones with a proven track record of training new players to be better at EVE Online. Consider a corporation like them and make friends with some of the members that you feel you are connected to.

  1. Not Trying Everything

Whenever I go to my favorite restaurant, I keep ordering the same food. I don’t like trying out new menus because I don’t want to end up feeling disappointed.

A lot of players are also sticking to one aspect of the game, just like how I stick to one menu in the restaurant. I must tell you that this is not a good idea. You have no clue as to what you will be missing out.

EVE Online is a big game, and you will find lots of things that are interesting. Don’t box yourself, instead find all the time that you can to wander and explore. You should try trading, exploring, mining, inventing and even PvP too. The more you try new things, the more expert you will become.

  1. Not Sticking To a Skill Plan

Some areas of EVE require a lot of skill points: inventing tech two ships, flying capital ships, and so on. But most of EVE Online isn’t like that, at all. If you pick a skill, like manufacturing tech two missiles or flying stealth bombers, in a couple of months you’d doing that thing about as well as anybody. Choose a skill that you need, create a plan on how to master it, and stick to that plan.

  1. Flying What You Can’t Afford To Lose

Take note of this as this is very important: Never pack all of your net worth into a single ship. Consider something that you undock already forfeited. It’s really not a matter of if you are going to lose that ship; it’s a matter of when. Don’t let a fifth of your value into the ship if there is a high risk that you will lose it. You need to have lots of insurance and reinforcement in times of disaster.

This holds true in PvP. You need to be able to fly three or four of a ship, at any given time, or you put yourself at risk of being wiped out. Don’t risk something that you can’t even afford of losing.

  1. Not Valuing Your Time

You should value every second that you are playing EVE online.

Instead of wasting your time on spending it on activities that make less ISK, make your time useful by spending it on other opportunities for ISK making. Don’t waste your time on lesser ISK-generating activities especially if it demands a lot of your personal work.  Would you rather dine in KFC when you have a five star restaurant to go to?

  1. Not Trusting Your Ability

Most of new players don’t really have confidence on their skills and abilities. At the back of their mind, there is always this perception that they can’t do it. This fear and apprehension stop them from fully discovering their potential.

Before you can master any skill, you should master trusting your ability first. Associate yourself to the right corporation, follow the advice of others and learn as much as you can. In no time, you’d see yourself as better as the well-experienced players.

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