About Eve History

Welcome to Eve History!

EVE Online has been around for more than a decade. It has constantly evolved to satisfy the desires of the gaming community, particularly EVE Online enthusiasts. The developer releases about 10 game expansions every year that has significantly increased the playing field and options of the EVE Online player.

The game can be a bit overwhelming at first particularly for beginners while long-term players sometimes find themselves at a loss on how they can improve. These are the main reasons why we conceptualized and finally decided to create Eve History.

At Eve History, we aim to provide EVE Online gamers with quality service and products that would give them the edge in playing this sandbox MMORPG game. It took us more than a year of conceptualization, planning, and fine tuning the details to guarantee that we have every level of expertise covered.

Eve History is owned by Eve Isom and is backed by an awesome team of very experienced gamers, majority of which are EVE Online experts, who are helping us carve a niche in the industry of online gaming. From tutorials to gaming equipment, we are sure that you’ll find just what you need with just one click of a button.