Beginner’s Tips: How to Survive EVE Online

There could be thousands of MMO (massively multiplayer online) games out there. In fact, you may have played a game or two in any point in your life. But let me tell you this, EVE online is no ordinary MMO. If you’re planning to jump aboard the world of EVE online, it’s best that you drop all your previous knowledge about other MMO games and start with a clean plate.

EVE online game is a player-driven game and the PvE side of the game is probably best thought of as a means of background (some NPC-driven) content to support the player-driven content. It is also a game of player conflict, which ranges from “unfair” PvP, most obvious PvP, and suicide-ganking,market “conflict”, competition for resources, “stealing” or ninja-ganking of various exploration and combat sites, in-game scamming, and using game mechanisms.

If you want to survive in this unique game, you would need to arm yourself with plenty of knowledge and skills. Below are some of the things that you should take note if you want your survival as a new player.

  1. Ships Are Simply Items You Will Lose

If you’ve been playing MMO, then you know that ships are sets of armor or similar “build” items.

It’s a different story in EVE online. Here, ships are simply items that you will eventually lose. Think of it as ammunition, you need to expend it if you want to accomplish your mission. This is why the first rule of EVE online is: never undock in anything you can’t afford to lose.

  1. Patience is a Virtue

You won’t be able to survive in this game if you don’t have patience.

Most new players are guilty of believing that bigger ships are better, so they rush into the first larger class of ship that they come across. You must remember that each class of ship has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Getting into other classes of ships is not just about being able to “sit” in that ship. Sure, it feels good to be on a larger class of ship, but the real question is: Do you have the appropriate skills to man the ship? You must have the appropriate skills needed such as tanking (defensive) skills, the support skills for those weapons along with the more generic skills used by most or all ships. You need time to practice your skills so there is really no room for rushing. Unless of course you purchase Skill Point Injectors off of Regional Markets. Not only are they expensive but the returns are diminished as your total skill point increases.

If you don’t have patience, you’re more likely to lose that glorious new ship simply because you lack the skill and game experience needed to effectively use the ship.

  1. Co-operation is the Key

No man is an island. This holds especially true in EVE online.

There is nothing wrong if you want to play this game solo. You can still have a great time if you won’t rely much on other players. But you must know that wanting to “solo” everything will also limit yourself from other possible content of the game.

There is strength in number and you would find that player co-operation is very important. For starters, some of the game content is only available in multi-player. What sets EVE online from other MMO games is its strong social and inter-player co-operation aspect.

By taking advantage of many groups and player corporation, you will learn everything you need to learn about this game and meet a bunch of people that share the same passion and interest. You can watch as many tutorials or read as many helpful articles as you can, but nothing beats the first-hand knowledge and tips of experienced players.

Always look to join with other pilots to do explorations, missions, mining, site running, marketing, further industrial activities, worm hole “day tripping”, just to name a few. Doing so will make your learning experience so much better plus, you’ll get way ahead compared to other newbies. You can complete your missions and other sites much quicker if you fleet up with others. Not only you have the support needed during dangerous times, but you gain rewards quicker too.

Doing things by yourself can be rewarding, but you will achieve more if you team up with other players. Who knows, you might also build strong friendship that will last forever.

  1. Be Careful of Who You Listen To

If you post a question in an online forum about “What are the signs of cardiac arrest?” and you get an answer from someone who watches too much Grey’s Anatomy, does that mean that you get a valid answer?

You may receive many tips and advices from other people, but you must know how to validate that answer and apply it to you. For example, new players would often ask questions about mining in help channels. Different opinions and answers will be given such as “mining is too complicated” or “mining is terrible”. Having someone feel that kind of experience does not mean that you would also experience the same thing.

Online communities are a great source of tips and support, but you must be careful who you listen to. Check as many references as you can to validate the answer. What works or does not work for some players don’t necessarily mean the same thing for you.

  1. Play It As You Want

If you’re looking for specific steps on how to play the game, unfortunately, you would hardly find the answer. There is really no right or wrong way of playing EVE online. It is your game, so own it and play it how you want to.

That is why letting go of all your previous MMO knowledge is important. Here, you get to chart your own way and set your own course. Remember that there is a plethora of resources out there, so use it for your advantage.

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