Tournament Prizes – The Reason Behind Alliance Tournament Popularity

One of the most awaited events by seasoned EVE Online players is the Alliance Tournaments, which is held every year, except in 2006 when Alliance Tournaments II and III were held.

The set rules of the tournament are slightly changed every year to try and correct issues that occurred during the previous tournament and to keep everything fresh and entertaining.

EVE Online players who wish to participate in the Alliance Tournament are aware that participation can be quite costly since it is held in a server that is normally not accessible to them. They spend months trying to build up their ships and save on their ISKs.

Although losses do happen (and in EVE Online’s virtual world this translates to a hefty loss of ships and ISKs), the players still take their chance to see if they would be the lucky winner since the prizes are worth the expense.

The Prizes Are:

Interstellar Kredit or ISK – As the principal currency of EVE Online, ISKs are very valuable. Under normal gameplay conditions, ISKs can be obtained by piracy, mining, industry, or buying Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) from the in-game market then sell it for ISKs.

PLEX – Is the second most accepted EVE Online currency. It is commonly bought and traded in the market since it cannot be obtained directly via normal gameplay conditions. It can be used to shop in the New Eden store and can be sold to another player for ISKs. A player can also buy 30 days of Omega Clone State with 500 PLEX while 30 days of training time for Multiple Character can be bought with 450 PLEX.

Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating or SKIN – Available in a variety of colors. SKIN is used to enhance the aesthetic look of a ship.

Blueprint Copy of the Tournament Ship – The prize ships are generally cruiser and frigate classes that are very strong. The blueprint copy allows the winning team to create up to 50 copies of the tournament prize ship. Valued for their rarity, these ships are almost never used except during another tournament.

With these prizes up for grabs, isn’t it a wonder that teams can’t wait to sign up for the next Alliance Tournament?

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