Your Step by Step Guide on How to Get Started with EVE Online

EVE online is a unique MMO game. It’s a game that stands out amongst its competitors, not just because of its unique mechanics but also because it’s unconventional in so many ways. This guide will show you everything you need to know on how to get started with EVE.

Introduction to EVE Online

Just like in any other games, you would need to know the gameplay and basic rules of the EVE first. It is important that you educate yourself first of the basic core aspects of the game before jumping in. You can click here to get familiar with what this game is all about.

Creating an Account

The very first step that you need to do in playing EVE is creating an account. You can have up to three characters per account.

If you got an invitation to play, use the referral link when you create your account. Doing so will give you some free skill points and the person that referred the game gets a free game time.

Creating a Character

  • Race

The first decision that you have to make in creating your character is choosing what race it would be. The game has four major factions: Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar and Gallante. The main purpose of race is actually more on the aesthetic aspect, since you can potentially learn every skill in every character.

  • Bloodline

This refers to the familial ancestry of the character. Every race has three different bloodlines. Just like with race, your bloodline choice is purely aesthetic.

  • School

The School you choose will only determine which Starter Corporation you will be part of and which starter solar system you begin in.

  • Portrait and Name

The next step is designing the appearance of your character and taking a portrait. Your appearance generally depends on which bloodline and race you chose, though there are more flexibility with the tools. At any point of the game, you can modify the clothing of your character or re-take your portraits but remember that you can only change the physical appearance of your character if you pay for “Character Remodeling”.

The name that you create for your character is a big part of your identity and can impact on your corpmates perception of you. You have to carefully pick the name for your character as you are not allowed to change it afterwards. Choose a name that is simple and can be pronounced easily.

Starting the Game

  • Tutorial

If you’re a first-timer in EVE online, it’s a must that you go through the tutorial. This will give you the step-by-step instructions on how the game is played and what particular mechanics that you need to follow.

  • Career Agents

After you have gone through the tutorial, visit the career agents and complete the missions that they offer. You can do as many missions as you want, in fact, doing so is highly encouraged. It expands the initial knowledge that you have acquired in the tutorial and makes you understand the game mechanics even better. Plus, new players are often offered some mouth-watering rewards.

The game has five career agents, each of them offers between 5 and 10 missions in a certain area: Industry, Business, Exploration, Military and Advanced Military.

Learning Skills

Unlike in many other MMOs, your character in EVE advances through training skills. It is important that you have an active skill in training as it is trained real time, even when you are logged off. There are five levels in each skills, with training time exponentially increases. Training your skills beyond level IV in your first early days is generally useless.

Instead, spend time on focusing on the skills that either unlocks new modules or ships you want to try or improve whatever you’re doing at the moment. Find a particular area in EVE that you enjoy the most and focus training on that area. There’s no such thing as training the wrong skill as characters learn every skill in the game and that skills are cumulative.

You start the game with a number of skills already trained. Then, you need to acquire the appropriate skillbook if you want to train additional skills. Your career agents may give you a few skillbooks as rewards, but you must purchase some on the market. You don’t have to worry though as most of the basic skillbooks are reasonably affordable.

Fitting Your Ship

There are variety of modules that you can use in fitting your ships which enhances their statistics or grants additional abilities. It is important that you learn which module works well on which ship.

Joining a Corporation

Just like how other games have clans or guilds, EVE has corporations which serve as the organizations of players.

While you can play Eve by yourself, one of its main attractions is that it’s a social game. The sense of community that the corporation provides is what entices new players and makes long-time players stay. Additionally, you can get many services from your corporation, such as missioning support, free ships and modules, a sense of banding together with other to achieve common goals, advice and of course, fun fleet operations.

Getting Help

Though a complex game, there are tons of support and help that you can get online. Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you feel lost or uncertain. The Eve player community is one of the most helpful and friendliest communities, especially towards new players.

  • Chat Channels

This is the easiest way to get direct help. There are game masters and experienced players that can answer the questions that you ask. These three channels are dedicated to help new players: Rookie Help, English Help and EVE University. They can be found in tabs at (by default) the bottom-left of your screen.

While you are automatically joined in the “Rookie Help” channel when you first started the game, you can join in the “English help” or “EVE University” chat channels.

  • Videos

There are things that text can’t explain so you can opt to look for videos instead. There are a lot of video tutorials that you can find online.

Find more helpful tips on how to play EVE online here.

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