Top Ten Business Valuation Questions For Business Appraisers

Having performed business valuations for a variety of purposes, I have been asked a number of questions from clients. The following top ten business valuation questions have been compiled in an effort to briefly address some of the most frequent concerns clients have regarding a business appraisal. 1. What approaches do you consider in valuing […]

Why Paying Attention To Your Business’ Lifecyle Can Only Help You – Part 1

Businesses form, develop, mature, reinvent or die. Different stages of the business life cycle are associated with different risks and expectations and they may need different management styles and strategies to meet the needs of their customers. Many businesses, that live long enough, typically start with an entrepreneurial seat-of-the-pants management style, and then move onto […]

Searching For A Legitimate Internet Home Business Opportunity?

Many people jump in and start an internet home business without having any idea what lies ahead of them and when they are not making internet income after a short period of time they are left feeling totally disillusioned and claim the business is a scam and not legitimate. They fail to realize that running […]